Speaker Meetings in Bullhead

  • Women Do Recover every 3rd Monday of the month
  • Born to Live every 4th Monday of the month.
  • Together We Can every 4th Wednesday of the month.

Service Opportunities and Committee Meetings
For addresses and info. see the secretary or GSR.

          There are still open positions that NEED to be filled at ASC-
           Literature Chair, Policy Chair, PR Chair, and Alternate RCM. If interested come to next ASC meeting.

  • Activities meeting
    February 22nd 10:00 am. At Rotary Park Fields (LHC).
    Activities meetings are to organize and fill positions, no clean time requirement. 

    Convention: positions open;
    arts & graphics, entertainment, and merchandise.

    Programs meeting (choose speakers and workshop topics) March 1st at 11am at the Riverside in Laughlin.
    programs meeting March 1st at 11am. at the Riverside in Laughlin.

  • H&I meeting February 22nd at 6pm at 1325 Ramar Road (BHC).
  • ASC Meeting March 1st 2 pm. at the Riverside, Laughlin.
  • Convention committee meeting March 1st at 12 pm. at the Riverside in Laughlin (Speaker tape deadline is January 1st, 2021, 10year clean time required for main speakers.)


-Group’s First Friday is March 6th. Irish theme potluck- food at 6:30pm, speaker at 7pm-speaker TBA.

CAN Area NA is hosting a Chili Cookoff and Baseball Challenge on February 22. See flyer for more information. 

CAN Area Bowling Event March 29th at the Riverside Bowling Lanes Laughlin, NV       the cost is $8.00 per person for three games (shoe rental is included)

Other news

  • New “Early Bird Special” meeting in Kingman at 5:30pm every Thursday in the Cholla Room.
  • New “There is Hope After Dope” meeting in Kingman at 11am-1230pm every Saturday at the Methodist Church (1730 Kino Avenue).
  • New “Deadman’s Hand” meeting in Kingman at 5:30pm every Tuesday in the Mohave Room.